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на фейсбуке Монсона - The sorrow grows bigger when the sorrow's denied [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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на фейсбуке Монсона [Nov. 23rd, 2011|03:44 am]
  • Danielle Monson
    I'm reading all these amazing posts from Jeff's fans in Russia. It's so touching and emotional. Being there was very special for both me and Jeff. Thank you for showing so much support and respect for Jeff.
      • Anton Antoshin you're welcome
        7 ч. назад
      • Ильгар Дадашов Ильгар Дадашов Hello Danielle!We, russian MMA fans have a great respect for Jeff. We really want to be sure he knows that it was Putin who got booed. Does he know it?
        7 ч. назад ·  5
      • Jack Mihovski This is an incredible story, and as an American with similar views I am very proud of you and Jeff for representing people like us and showing the Russian people that we are more than just our government and the idiots usually seen on TV, you have shown a great example of international diplomacy and sportsmanship.
        7 ч. назад ·  8
      • Guzel Moscow Thanks for response! :)
        7 ч. назад ·  2
      • Artem Iskhakov To Jack Mihovski, and we, Russians are far not the same as our idiot government. Even they try to explain this "Booo" with different and stupid reasons, everybody here knows that it was adressed to Putin.
        7 ч. назад ·  4
      • Danielle Monson Yes Jeff knows that it was Putin being hissed and booed. He's heading home now and he will post as soon as he can.
        6 ч. назад ·  9
      • Jack Mihovski ‎@ Artem the voice of the Russian people about the boos has been heard around the world. I think you are very brave! And your politics hey it is none of my business I just like for Russian and American people to be friends.
        6 ч. назад ·  2
      • Artem Iskhakov Surely Jack, i wanna the same, i know americans are mostly nice and good people and such people as Jeff and You just confirmate this fact.
        6 ч. назад ·  1
      • Евген Евгенов Dear Danielle! These words were written not only fans of Jeff. These words were written by ordinary Russian people, who saw this fight and saw real courage of Jeff. Please tell him that he became RUSSIAN (a little bit) now :)
        4 ч. назад ·  1
      • Georgy Zaleev Dear Danielle, We say there are no generals, no generals wives. The fact that Jeff is so strong - this is your merit. Thank you, that you're very close to Jeff! I wish you happiness and health!
        2 ч. назад ·  1
      • Georgy Zaleev From Moscow, with love!
        2 ч. назад ·  1